Coaching for re-homed and rescue dogs

Have you decided to adopt a dog? Do you wish to get professional guidance on how to ease the dog’s adaption to its new home?

We can support you during the entire process. We can even help you with both choosing a dog and with the preparations before its arrival. We will advise you on how to introduce the dog to new every-day situations it will now have to learn to cope with in its new home and help you encourage the dog if needed.   

The packages can be adjusted according to your needs.  

Whether you are getting a dog that has already lived in a home environment or one that never did, the change might be quite challenging for the dog. The dog will have to grow to trust the new owners, form new relations, might have to learn many new behaviours in order to feel confident and relaxed in the new environment and facing new situations.  

A rescue dog might have lived on the street or in a shelter and experienced little contact with humans during the important socialisation period, and therefore patience and knowledge of how to introduce it to all sorts of new things is vital and it is vital to do so in a positive manner. A rescue dog might also never have been walked on a leash or been taught to be housebroken.  

 If you already have re-homed a dog and are experiencing specific behavioural problems please fill in the form under Behavioural consultations instead.